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How To Optimize Your Small Accounting System?
  • Accounting
  • 2022-09-07

Running a business requires a lot of accounting. It is essential to how businesses function. You do it every day even if you're not aware of it. Every time you document a transaction, produce tax returns, or plan costs, accounting is involved.

No of the situation, running a business requires having basic accounting expertise. The problem, though, is with the quality. If you're not thinking about them, your bookkeeping and records are undoubtedly a mess, and you're probably barely making ends meet.

Accountants are skilled and efficient at a variety of jobs. That has a significant impact on a company. Because accounting is such a vast subject, the services that fall under it can be highly diverse. Accounting is an efficient component of running a firm because it simplifies tasks like maintaining tabs on earnings and costs and providing managers, investors, and the financial information they need to make decisions.

  • Using your records, three crucial financial statements are produced.
  • You can discover more information about the profit and loss by using the income statement.
  • The balance sheet gives you a clear picture of the financial state of your business as of a particular date.
  • Though accounting is a vital component of every business and should be carefully considered if you decide to select an accounting firm.
  • Never compromise on your standards of quality or your company's goals. Even yet, choosing an accounting firm should be done carefully as accounting is an essential part of every organisation.
  • Never budge on your quality standards or the objectives of your company.
  • Though accounting is a pivotal function of every business.
  • We at risians work in a properly organised manner and with the latest trends related to accounting. We keep on checking the financial status and accounts reliably.

How are Risians Accounting Firm reliable for accounting services? 

Balance your accounting balance

Your company's or small business's financial situation and activity results are displayed in your financial records. In other words, they aid in your understanding of the financial state of your business. You may compare current data to historical accounting records, and monitor costs, gross margins, and potential debt with the help of accurate record-keeping, which will also help you set aside money sensibly.

Suppress failure to follow a statute

Utilising the necessary accounting methods and processes will help you to ensure that your firm is operating in compliance with the law, even though rules and regulations differ from state to state.

Liabilities like sales tax, VAT, income tax, and pension funds, to name a few, will be properly handled because of the accounting function.

To Know More About Risians Accounting Firm


simplifies forecasting and budget creation.

Your financial records will decide how well your plans and budget perform. To maintain your operations profitably, business trends and estimates are based on historical financial data. The best approach to give this financial data is through organised accounting systems.

Helps With Financial Statement Filing

Businesses are required to submit financial accounts to the Registrar of Companies. Listed companies are required to file taxes both directly and indirectly, as well as with stock exchanges. Of course, accounting is crucial in each of these circumstances.


Risians Accounting Firm Financial Supremacy

  • Reliable & organised expense management - It is crucial to consider the tracking of expenses, their intended use, and the timing of reimbursement. A company that offers implementation and support services may sell software for managing spending and payback procedures.

  • Rechecking of records to ensure transparency - We ensure transparency and quality in our work by reviewing it. We ensure fewer issues in work by rechecking every file. If you simply file your costs month after month and then provide them to your accountant, problems may arise. Triple-checking the records before you turn them in will save you a tonne of time in the long run if you take a little extra time.

  • Effective payroll system - Though payroll is considered the most difficult aspect of the business. When a problem arises with payroll, you can either use payroll software or engage a payroll business to take care of everything, from figuring out the taxes to depositing the money into the right accounts for the employees.


Contact us to schedule your free consultation with Risians Accounting Firm. Our Accounting, auditing, and taxation expert team will be happy to assist you.

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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
Benefits To Outsource Accounting And Bookkeeping Services
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • 2022-08-11

Facts and statistics should be the basis for commercial decisions. A company's daily transactional data is typically too minute and complex to be promptly evaluated. To provide critical information, management accounting generates reports and insights from the actual data. Therefore, managerial accounting facilitates decision-making based on actual accounting information. Researching outcomes and patterns also benefit from it.

Accounting provides managers with information on the financial health of the company, including profit and loss, cost and earnings, liabilities and assets, etc. Therefore, it is impossible to overstate the value of accounting to a company.

Accounting offers managers statistical data and information to use in decision-making. Accurately recording financial transactions in the books of accounts is one of accounting's primary goals.

While money is a company's lifeblood, the accounting and bookkeeping function keeps an eye on and protects its wellbeing. And more companies are starting to hire outside organizations to handle their bookkeeping and accounting needs. It is obvious why bookkeeping and accounting services should be outsourced. 

The majority of SMEs find that it is outside the scope of their financial capabilities to hire good, high-quality talent capable of effectively managing the nuances of both aspects, i.e., bookkeeping as more transactional record-keeping based on which accounting provides a more comprehensive perspective on financial health. That issue is resolved by outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services.


Some Major Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting And Bookkeeping.


  • Cost Savings:- By eliminating the salaries, taxes, overhead, and other administrative expenses linked to hiring full-time staff, outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services can dramatically lower a company's expenditures. When accounting services are outsourced, costs are usually cheaper. Cross-location outsourcing, like when Western companies outsource bookkeeping services to India, can result in significant cost differences.

  • Higher Quality:- One of the most significant advantages of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping is having access to high-quality knowledge. The kind of expertise that SMEs could not otherwise afford is now available to them. In reality, larger businesses frequently outsource accounting and bookkeeping services due to the availability of talent. The understanding of outsourcing accounting services might include tax and legal issues as well as financial strategy, financial health, current knowledge, and best practices.

  • Process Effectiveness:- When businesses outsource accounting services, they cut out several administrative and hiring phases as well as administration and human management processes. This frees up their resources, time, and energy, allowing them to concentrate on planning and managing and expanding their primary business. For SMEs and startups, outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services is particularly important. 

  • Technology Access:- By outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping services, businesses gain access to equipment for these operations that many SMEs, in particular, would not otherwise have. Process automation is both the most prevalent and significant one. In addition to saving time, automation also reduces or even gets rid of errors (and thus money). Additionally, it allows for better reporting in terms of both time and quality. It also significantly reduces the likelihood of fraud. Thus, another important advantage of outsourcing accounting and bookkeeping is automation and other essential technology.

It's essential to know that having detailed records will reduce the amount of time an accountant will need to analyse your accounts and produce financial statements, even though bookkeeping often costs less than accounting. Get the best Accounting & Bookkeeping service from the top dubai accountants. 

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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
2022 Checklist For Accounting And Bookkeeping
  • Accounting
  • 2022-07-24

Your whole year can be stressful and especially for startups and those who are dealing with major clients and also facing a financial crisis. There's a lot for you to consider ahead and get an effective idea and make a grip with all financial assets. With that in mind, it's crucial for you to firstly maintain a checklist for accounting and bookkeeping. 


It's time to move on to the 2022 year-end accounting checklist now that you are aware of what a year-end is and when it occurs. It can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to year-end accounting, particularly if you're new to managing a limited company and don't have much experience closing your boToder to avoid missing anything crucial, we've created this practical checklist that you can use to organise your funds. Well, If you are not expert in accounting then we recommend you to get the best accounting and bookkeeping services from experienced accountants. 

2022 Accounting And Bookkeeping Checklist


  1. Preparing Expenses - Get your expenses in order as the first item on the accounting checklist. If you make sure to claim all you are eligible for, you will lower your company's overall profit number, which will result in a lower amount of corporation tax due.

    The phrase "wholly and exclusively" refers to the principle that an expense can only be recovered if it is used entirely for business purposes. It's crucial to keep your personal and work costs separate for this reason.

    You run the danger of being audited if you don't do this because it's against the law. Accounting software makes precise bookkeeping even more important because it makes it easy to divide your personal and corporate spending.

  2. Update Assets  - Every business will have fixed assets, or items with a useful life of more than a year,as  such computers. Make sure to update your fixed assets if you acquired any new ones during the fiscal Toder to better comprehend the true value of the assets you own, it's a good idea to keep track of both any new purchases and the depreciation of these additional assets.

  3. Wise Check Needed For Payroll - Employee bonuses are frequently given out towards the end of the year in certain businesses you must account account for them before you finish your year-end accou nting.If any employees have seen compensation increases throughout the past .Before the end of the year, you also need to make sure that all of your employees' information is current. To do this, you might ask your staff to confirm their personal information.

  4. Record Your Inventory - Taking an inventory of your inventory is one of the most crucial components of your year-end. This could take some time depending on your firm, but it's necessary to determine how much money you have in assets (not counting fixed as talked above). For instance, a SaaS firm might find taking inve more simpler than a retail business, but it's important to recognise that every business will likely have assets that, fixed or not, will add to the worth of their overall inventory.

  5. Make Note Of Important Deadlines - Your Company Tax Return (CT600) must be submitted to HMRC no later than 12 months following the end of the accounting period it covers. However, it's preferable to submit it as soon as you can because if you miss the deadline, you'll have to pay a penalty.

    The deadline for paying Corporation Tax (or notifying HMRC that you don't owe any) is 9 months and 1 day after your year-end, even though the date for filing your tax return is 12 months after the end of the tax year.

We hope that the 2022 accounting and bookkeeping checklist will help you in maintaining your business accounts. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. Our Accountant would be to assist you.

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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
How accounting supervision services helps your business?
  • Accounting
  • 2022-06-30

Business is all about planning and organising which includes marketing, record keeping and maintaining finance records. 

If you are confused or planning for accounting supervision services, then you are at the right place. In UAE, Dubai you will get the best, reliable accounting supervision services where you will be free of wasting your precious time. 

The information offered in these financial reports are an important source to determine the future and success of a business. Information about business helps management to act on the present situation of business and also assists in deciding the future path of business. 

As size and profit of company increases with flow and perfect timing, but maintaining records should be priority 

The creation and maintenance of a company's financial records is an extremely vital duty. Information about a company plays an important role in making decisions about the company's current status as well as its future direction. The information contained in these financial reports will have a significant impact on the company's future. This is why it is critical that all records are correctly produced and preserved. An accountant or a bookkeeper is in charge of this task. 

Supervisor should be able to utilise all of the resources at its disposal while also ensuring that no resources are squandered


How does an accounting supervisor play a lead role? 

The Accounting Supervisor will be in charge of the company's overall accounting department.

  • Accounting procedures, such as financial accounting, accounts payable, and payroll, are overseen.
  • Recruits and hires accounting personnel, as well as conducting performance reviews.
  • Implements new recruit training and finds training needs for existing employees.
  • To reduce risk, oversees the system of internal controls over Accounting functions.
  • As needed, handles employee punishment and termination in accordance with business policy.


  • Oversees the preparation of quarterly financial statements and the annual report for the company.
  • Ascertains that financial reports meet generally accepted accounting principles or financial reporting standards.
  • Assists external auditors with the annual audit by providing required statements and information.
  • Reviewing budget reports and assisting other departments with annual budget preparation.

Ethical work culture


The supervisor's work culture is an important component. The business's financial data should not be doctored by the supervisor in order to make things look fine. These are only a few of the abilities that an accounting supervisor should have. There are numerous more talents that an accounting supervisor should possess. It is critical for a business to collect accurate and relevant data in order to plan a future course for the company.


Communication Skills 

A supervisor's communication skills are crucial. Any lag or omission in communication could cost the organisation or the supervisor money.


Ability to Analyse

A supervisor should be able to understand a company's financial data and communicate it to upper management. If the supervisor's analytical skills are lacking, the management will make a poor judgement that will result in losses.


High Effectiveness and Efficiency

The supervisor must be able to operate effectively and efficiently to ensure that the analysis is error-free. The supervisor should be able to make full use of all available resources while also ensuring that none are wasted.


Accounting Supervisor Responsibilities

Accounting supervisors play a critical role in ensuring the correctness of the company's financial reports. This makes  a wide range of abilities on the part of the accounting supervisor more important some of the abilities include:


It is impossible for a single person to manage all of the company's financial records. This is why the supervisor must work well with others. He should be able to collaborate with a variety of people in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry.



The supervisor should have the necessary technical skills to handle any business issue and check the financial records of any company in any industry.


We hope that you will understand the how acccounting supervision help  business to accomplish thier business goal. If you stil have any confusion or need consulation for your business accounting, auditing and taxation so Risians Accounting is always ready to help you. Contact now to book free consultation.

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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
Advantages And Disadvantages of Outsourcing Accounting
  • Accounting
  • 2022-06-22

Accounting gives your firm the data it needs to make better decisions, stay in compliance with rules, and maintain its image with employees, potential investors, and the general public. It also aids in the management of cash flow, ensuring that employees are paid on time, and keeping track of accounts receivable. Accounting methods are frequently the difference between succeeding and struggling businesses.

Simultaneously, most executives and business owners must weigh these benefits against their budgets. Outsourced accounting services have become increasingly popular among businesses of all kinds in recent years because they can provide an economical, scalable, and effective alternative to managing accounts.

Managing an in-house accounting and bookkeeping department might consume a significant amount of your time. 

Get the Best Accounting Services in Dubai

Furthermore, you will have to pay more money to keep an in-house accounting department running. You will save time and money if you work with an outsourcing provider.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Outsourcing Accounting 

  • Expert Advice 

Outsourcing businesses are experts in their sector. They are continually improving their services by industry standards and incorporating talents into the services they provide to optimise the benefits.


  • Contractual 

The liability of online accounting service providers is larger than that of an in-house accounting department. They are obligated to observe the rules. Furthermore, dealing with outside agreements or contracts is much easier than dealing with staff management, HR involvement, and so on.


  • Cost-saving

Saving money is another important advantage of outsourcing your accounting and finance. All costs must be considered superior  when it comes to personnel. Salary, benefits, taxes, and unemployment are all examples of these.

Business owners are seeking ways to reduce labour costs because it is one of their most expensive expenses. When we consider the advantages of outsourcing, we can see that there are cost savings. Companies that outsource accounting and finance services benefit from our knowledge, quality, and cost savings.

  • Save time for business 

Let's face it, we all have hectic schedules. Many of us are preoccupied with our firms' marketing, sales, and operations. Accounting outsourcing can free up time by removing the need to manage accounting and finance personnel. You are not required to provide direction to your employees. Outsourced employees are professionals in assisting both the firm and themselves. As a result, you as the owner and other aspects of your firm will have more resources.


They understand what will have the greatest influence on you, and their purpose should be to save you time by providing you with the knowledge that will help you make better business decisions.


As we know there are two sides to the coin.  The following are some disadvantages of outsourcing services that must be understood to completely comprehend account outsourcing.


Distance and time



Even if the service provider is the greatest in terms of maintaining your books of accounts or payroll administration, there is no way they will be physically present in your office, so communicating any changes may be difficult.


  • Threats to Security

Accounting for businesses is a delicate subject, and truly trusting someone with all of your financial details can be difficult. Using an outsourcing firm means giving an outsider access to their own country's data.

Hiring an online accounting service provider will undoubtedly benefit you in numerous ways, but make sure to weigh all of the disadvantages as well. As a result, it's critical to pick a trustworthy and dependable outsourcing business with whom you can entrust your company's cash.

  • Less control 

There is proper functioning of outsourcing companies and their way of working. you can't walk down the hall and inspect every single financial event that occurs. Of course, you'll be able to contact your account manager and receive weekly updates, and monthly reports, but trust in your outsourced relationship is required.

It can be difficult for business owners to waive control of their financial records. Starting with a thorough onboarding process that clearly outlines responsibilities, policies, and procedures establish expectations and guarantee timely communication.


  • Not local 

There are, of course, advantages to having an employee on staff who can respond to questions quickly. While an outsourced workforce is available, responses are not always immediate, as they make you wait also. However, a good outsourced accounting firm should have solid communication procedures to guarantee that your team is always reliable and accessible. It's critical to balance the possibilities and decide which is more important: an immediate reaction or taking the time to gather the appropriate answers.


You need to set up a communication schedule and perfect obligations with your outsourced service provider before you start working with them,  otherwise, it will be difficult for you to manage good relations with your service provider. Take the time to talk about it, including your objectives.

Every service has its pros and cons, which gives every business owner a good chance to choose the best traits of every service. 

As we know " Choices are always appreciated by everyone. 

Choosing between can be a difficult option but will lead you towards estimated success. Get Risians Accounting service in Dubai.

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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
2022 Accounting Checklist For Startups in Dubai, UAE
  • Accounting
  • 2022-06-21

Starting a new business is not a cakewalk, rather it requires a lot of effort and a focused path to reach the level every business owner wants to.

Firstly you will have to make a perfect strategy which includes - loans, investments, and funds. You have to maintain the process and flow to start with your business activity. This can be stressful but not impossible. Though you can go for - 

    • Product marketing 
    • Analysing 
    • Management 
    • Customer bond 

Generating lead 

After this all, you should also be keen to maintain the process wisely keeping pace with financial requirements. Being ' skilled' and ' financially strong' are crucial ingredients for every business. 

Avoiding these points make blunders and spoil your flow of business directly. 

You can also consult business professionals or advisors for help. Before entering the home of misunderstandings try to explore your viewers and refer to the following tips. 

Register your business 

The first step toward starting something new. Registration plays a crucial role in every company, without which no one will get to know who you are or what makes you available in the market? 

It is the legal structure of the business that should be followed by everyone.

Think of everything in starting - 

Expenses in setting up a business

Partnership with other companies 


Try to resolve any serious disputes before commenting forward.

 Business bank account 

 This step is crucial since combining corporate and personal transactions in the same bank account can result in:

disorganised bookkeeping records, lost company deductions, cash flow problems, and greater year-end accounting charges

Business credit card 

Even if you don't qualify for a business credit card right away, you should utilise a separate personal credit card for all of your product and service business costs for the reasons stated above.

Hiring an efficient Accounting Frim 

Every business organisation is alone without a reliable tax advisor, who helps you to suggest the best whenever you feel nothing feels profitable for you. 

Tax advisors are well aware of the pros and cons of any policies you are going to adopt. They can also prevent you from facing big losses. 

Set up a proper, scalable accounting system 

 It is critical to have a bookkeeping procedure in place from the beginning when starting a new firm.

To keep your records up to date and stay on top of your business's financial health, we strongly recommend adopting cloud-based accounting software (such as QuickBooks Online or Xero).

Pro Tip: If you're new to bookkeeping or unsure how to maintain your books, outsourcing your bookkeeping is a good option.

When things get too complicated, time-consuming, or expensive, online bookkeeping solutions make it simple to outsource your accounting to a business 

Tracking your expenses can be a good option 

Out-of-pocket expenses are payments made with your own money for business purposes. These are the payments:

get recorded as either business expenses or capital expenditures in your accounting system, resulting in a business deduction and an IOU (from your firm to you) known as a shareholder loan. Dealing with out-of-pocket payments can be difficult, so make sure your bookkeeping system is set up correctly from the beginning!

Tracking your expenses can be a good option.

If you're hiring employees for your new firm, you'll be responsible for making sure they're paid correctly and on time, while also adhering to employment standards and laws. Payroll legislation, on the other hand, can be complicated, and any mistakes might result in fines and penalties.

A third party can be helpful 

You will be responsible for ensuring that your employees are paid appropriately and on time, by employment standards and legislation, if you are hiring employees for your new business. Payroll legislation, on the other hand, can be complicated, and any mistakes might result in fines and penalties.

As a result, rather than trying to manage payroll yourself, you should consider outsourcing it to a third-party payroll processing business like Enkel.

Apply for business licences

Which governmental licences and permits you require will ultimately be determined by your region, industry, and business type. Here's where you can learn more about company licences and permits.

A Few Words on Record-Keeping

Financial reports, accounting, and bookkeeping records must be kept for six years from the end of the last tax year they relate to, according to the CRA. These documents include the following:

invoices and receipts, ledgers and notebooks for bookkeeping, bank and financial statements, and various tax returns

Business insurance 

Insurance is the most crucial decision to take in the unpredictable world. The most common insurance coverages for businesses can be - 

  • Liability 
  • Property 
  • Disability reasons 
  • Finances 
  • Business interpretation 
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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
Reasons To Outsource Accounting Services
  • Accounting
  • 2022-06-13

Outsource Accounting service is the assigning the services like accounting, bookkeeping and compliance work to accounting professional of a country to another country. To do this, a business owner will collaborate with an outsourced accounting services provider, who will submit qualified applicants to him or her.

Get the best Outsource Accounting service.

A business has cluster of services engaged for its healthy operation, thus coping up will all the regulatory requirement while also keeping an eye on the market may result in chaos at certain times. With such a frenzied work load, it is not possible to be handle the financial works simultaneously. In such a situation, a business organization must consider the option of account outsourcing as it is a wiser and more profitable alternative because it brings considerable benefits to businesses.

Accounting and bookkeeping are useful for determining the total impact of all recorded transactions on the company's final statement. Bookkeeping will finally determine the company's final accounts, especially the Profit and Loss Account and the Balance Sheet. Keeping records of your company's resources, liabilities, and profits is critical. Furthermore, if you are a company or a SME, employing a competent and highly experienced accounting firm can save you money while also bringing a pool of talent to the business. 


Here Are The Benefits Of Account Outsourcing -

  • Less-Expensive: Account outsourcing in Dubai provide excellent services at a very affordable price. As most of the account outsourcing organizations use cloud accounting technology, the clients are expected to pay less money for the services.

  • Technology Advancement: The use of the several updated technologies makes it a great idea for account outsourcing 

  • Screening for Forgery: With a team of talented and experienced individuals, we provide you the best screening for forgery and at the same time we provide practical solution for the issues related to all your finance related works.

  • Less time consuming: Accounting work is time consuming and much sophisticated, but we guarantee the best service and that too in a very limited time.

  • Mitigation of Tax Penalties:  It is always important to rely on trusted companies that maintain certain standards for the accounting job, else it might result in penalties. Thus, a well-established account outsourcing company in Dubai like us can help you skip the incorrect payment of taxes and help you avoid penalties.

  • High degree of precision: We provide the best instructions and necessary information, among all the account outsource service provider in Dubai, which can help you grow your business.

Why choose us?

Business in today’s generation has changed immensely and technology has become the indispensable part of it. With the advancement in the different technologies, things have gained a rate of acceleration, thereby every aspect of an organization must increase its momentum, in order to meet the need of the hour. But when it comes to the accounting section, it is often seen that it is time consuming. Apart from this problem, accounting in corporate sector is been very complicated and can’t be solved with an expert’s assistance.

This is where our company stands firmly for you. Risians Accounting Firm promise to provide you a team of best accountants, who will not only provide you proper assistance and guidance, but also provide it in a very limited time. With such a commitment from our side, you can relax yourself with the burden of the finance job and focus on the others, thereby we both can experience success in combined way.


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Do I Need An Accountant In Dubai?
  • Accounting
  • 2022-06-13

Apart from the payroll and the taxes, an accountant may be beneficial in several ways and plays a great role in the development of the company. An accountant may prove to be a very vital part of a company as he/she helps in executing a company in a better way by maintaining the accounts and by helping in applying for loans for approval. In a country like Dubai, which sees the new heights of development and growth in the business every day, it becomes quite a herculean task for a company to look at all its payrolls and taxes, thus to reducing your workload and establishing solid financial management, you will certainly need an accountant.

An accountant, who is a specialist in charge of maintaining and interpreting financial records is very important for the healthy functioning of a company. Most accountants are in charge of a variety of financial activities, either for individual clients or for larger corporations and organizations that employ them. They have multiple roles which include- preparing accounts and tax returns, monitoring spending and budgets, auditing and analyzing financial performance, financial forecasting, and risk analysis, and also advising on how to reduce costs and increase profits.


Here Are The Certain Areas Why Hiring An Accountant.

Right from the very beginning of a business, proper financial knowledge is very obligatory. Therefore, an accountant can suggest good software for the accounts and at the same time help you know about all the legal structures.  An accountant will assist you in clarifying all of the legal structures available, taking into account your time, money, and future profit. They assist you in selecting the finest track. From this perspective, it seems that an accountant for any business in Dubai is mandatory.

Taking about any business, it is certain that it will require a lot of strategies to reach new heights of development. Thus, as an owner, one must be continuously monitoring each and every aspect of his business which is again a hectic task. Thus, it is obvious that he/she feels stressed and loaded with work. In such a situation, an accountant can be very helpful as he can handle your financial work and the best part is that he will do it in a better way as he is a professional in the field. By handing over your financial work to an account, you can be stress-free and devote your time to developing the others aspects of your business.

With the expansion in your business, which is a sign of a positive sign, you will have to manage more funds and hire more staffs for the better operation of your business. In such a scenario, managing everything by your own may not prove beneficious sometimes. Thus, hiring an account to manage the financial works like improvement in payment methods and maintaining financial controls can be a great boon to the business. An accountant will help you meet the new challenges in finance section that might emerge in the process of the development of the business. 

An accountant will also ensure a good management of cash flow in your business. He/she can provide you will a well graphed plans for the expenditures and incomes. This will help you to know which areas of your business should be improved and what should be cut down.

Accounting in the important part of every business, thus maintaining it in a very proper and transparent way is much necessary for the for the growth of your business. An accountant can help in you in this regard by keeping a well-maintained record book that can provide you a logical prediction of your finance and analyze the financial gaps. Accounting errors might prove a disaster to your business, which also can be mitigated with the help of an accountant. Hiring an accountant for recording all your transaction will help your business grow from every aspect.

A need of an accountant for any business in Dubai is quite considerable, as maintaining a proper account is an indispensable part of every business. Thus, hiring an accountant in Dubai will be a better idea, to conquer the new heights of development in Dubai.


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Everything About Capital Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)
  • Accounting
  • 2022-04-05

Capital bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are a digital form of the currency invested by a capital bank. They are adjusted by a country’s financial dominance and are executed using a database that is managed by the capital bank, authorized private-sector entities, or the government. 

Cbdcs Are Available In 2 Forms:

1. Account-Based:-

Account-based CBDCs, earlier described as capital bank electronic money, work just like regular deposit accounts. The customer is needed to set up an account with which they can respond to negotiations, as well as send and receive digital currency. A negotiation requires retrieving the customers’ database to verify the ID of the sender and receiver. 

2. Digital Tokens:-

Tokens were earlier described as capital bank cryptocurrencies. Token-based systems assume the transfer of a recipient of value from one wallet to another. In established financial systems a token can be money or a coin, and in cryptocurrency, a token is a bitcoin for sample. Digital-token-based systems do not require the customer to verify their identity to send or receive a payment. Anyway, the negotiation is accepted based on public-private key pairs and digital signatures between the sender and receiver. 

The ordinary defense that faces digital token-based systems which authorize anonymity is a lack of identity requirements. This can ease the risk of money laundering and fraud

when you lose your token, you lose retrieve to your benefit. This has happened to many cryptocurrency lenders. Anyway, customers are now more accustomed to using tokens and this is less of a problem compared to the past.

Another type of digital token is the non-fungible tokens (NFT) which maintain digital benefit in contrast to bank digital tokens which maintain currency. 

What Is CBDC Use Cases?

Ongoingly CBDCs are built for either wholesale or retail payments.

  • Retail CBDC - Retail CBDCs are used in the same manner as amounts of money, to make payments between individuals, or between individuals and businesses. Retail payments are carried out via amounts of money, cards, and online negotiations. Public clients can have retail CBDCs in the form of deposit accounts and/or digital tokens.

  • Wholesale CBDCs - Wholesale CBDCs are used to enable negotiations between financial institutions and entities that have accounts in capital banks. Observing to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), wholesale CBDCs can:

       - Improve the development of capital markets.
       - Enhance cyber security.
       - Provide improvements in securities trading and settlement

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Cbdcs?

With the rise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, capital bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are gaining increasing popularity among global financial institutions. If executed correctly, CBDCs can have the following pros & cons for the financial system:

  1. Capital bank digital currencies (CBDC) can remarkably change financial services by facilitating the retrieve as well as the usage of fiat currency. The main benefits of CBDCs are:
  2. Authorizing real-time monitoring and analytics of all the finances running through the capital bank
  3. Enhancing the efficiency of capital banking systems
  4. Enabling faster and easier negotiations via mobile applications
  5. Reducing costs of financial services by: 
  6. limiting the printing of amounts of money
  7. eliminating physical cash distribution and devastation from issuance
  8. Additionally, compared to crypto coins, CBDCs can be more generally accepted by the general population because they are subject to legal and government regulations. They do not have the disgrace of being chosen by those who want to avoid detection by authorities.

CBDCs face some defense due to the economic appointment within a country in addition to other reasons, such as:

  1. Widespread Assuming Defense: Increased digitalization may leave a portion of society behind due to potential barriers around trust and data privacy, digital knowledge, and retrieve to IT. For sample, the capital bank of Ecuador launched retail CBDCs in 2014. Anyway, the program stopped due to low citizen assuming.
  2. Cyber Risks: Defending against cyberattacks will be harder as the number of expiration in a general determine CBDC system will be remarkably larger than those of ongoing wholesale capital bank systems.
  3. Cross-Border Payments: CBDCs can ease cross-border and cross-currency payments unrestrained from work-hours and holidays in different time zones. Anyway, different legal and regulatory frameworks present a significant obstacle to cross-border payments. Harmonizing these frameworks would be a summons.
What Is The Difference Between CBDC And Cryptocurrency?

There Are 3 Important Aspects Of Currencies:

1. Money Creation: CBDCs are legally admitted by governments or a very limited number of individuals. On the other hand, cryptocurrency begins to focus on democratizing financial systems.

CBDCs are created by capital banks, whereas cryptocurrencies enable customers to create money with the help of a consensus algorithm. Therefore, money creation is managed by the consensus algorithm and the contestants in the consensus process. The money creation process may assume proof of work or proof of stake.

2. Maintain: Both CBDCs and cryptocurrencies are virtually maintained benefits. 

3. Capitalization: CBDC negotiations still have to go through the banking system, whereas crypto relies on peer-to-peer negotiations with no middle man. 

4. Other: Both CBDCs and cryptocurrencies’ market price changes are based on contributions and demand and therefore the beliefs of market contestants about the ongoing and future value of these currencies. A CBDC’s worth should be straight linked to the governments’ treasury value and the fiat currency prices. Crypto’s value should rely on its valve within a fixed blockchain ecosystem. 

How Will Cbdcs Impact Cryptocurrencies?

Assuming is key in rolling out any currency and minimizing other can increase assuming. Some countries that aim to reduce capital flight and have CBDC programs have taken restrictive steps against cryptocurrencies. For sample:

China: Chinese regulatory authorities, which are working on developing the e-CNY, imposed a ban on initial coin offerings (ICO) in 2017 and termed cryptocurrency negotiations “illegal”. That ban triggered an instant 6% decline in bitcoin prices.

India: Indian authorities have one of the strictest laws on cryptocurrencies which criminalize the possession of crypto benefit, trading, mining, or transfer. This law was announced in 2018.

Turkey: Turkey’s capital bank banned the use of cryptocurrencies in payments for goods and services in April 2021. 

While we are not well informed of prosecuted individuals because of cryptocurrency holdings because of these bans, objectives have suffered as a result. For sample, the customers of a cryptocurrency platform based in Turkey are having trouble retrieving their benefits. 

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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
5 Methods To Stop Payroll Fraud
  • Accounting
  • 2022-04-05

What Is Payroll Fraud?

Payroll fraud is the act of looting money from a business using the payroll complex. This violation indicates itself in some normal methods. If you’re new to payroll accounting, some of them may be unknown to you, so let’s take a few minutes and brush up on our basic knowledge of payroll impostor and the method it is most commonly committed.

Hire the best auditor to prevent the all kind of fraud in your business.

There Are Four Types of Payroll Fraud

  • Ghost Hired man - A “ghost office worker” is developed in your payroll complex. If you’re a small business with fewer than 50 hired men, this one won’t be a rapid warning, but it’s still something to keep an eye on as you grow. In this plan, someone develops a fake office worker in the complex and then pockets the money that is given out to this non-existent worker. Unless you’re paying close notice, an extending business can simply have an extra “office worker” in its complex.
  • Time-sheet Fraud - Wages are falsified. Hired men can falsify wage information by lying on their time-sheets, taking dominance of task loopholes, or inflating expense reports. More savvy people may even be able to break into a payroll complex and assign an unearned bonus to themselves. Normal payroll fraud includes:

    Buddy punching: when one office worker puts in a time-sheet on behalf of another while they take the day off. 

    Paycheck divergence: When one worker takes the paycheck of another worker and cashes it.
  • Fake Repayment Claims - A fake workers’ repayment claim is filed. Workers in nearly any production can fake a slip and fall or other workplace injuries in command to get paid time off. While you might workmate this type of fraud with stockroom work or construction, an office worker can just as easily say they slipped on the floor next to a leaking water cooler in your break room.

  • Hired man are Misclassified - Hired men are misclassified. With this type of imposter, the call is coming from inside the house. It can also be unintentional. The IRS requires employers to properly classify hired man.

    When an office worker is classified as a contractor (1099-form hired man), for instance, but they’re a full-time office worker… the business is guilty of tax fraud. 

    Some employers classify W-2 hired man as 1099 hired man to avoid paying taxes or health care insurance.


How to Stop Payroll Fraud?

Maybe you’re tempted to scrabble under your desk about now. But don’t do it. Rather, execute one of these five strategies for stopping payroll fraud before it robs you of your money. While payroll fraud is hard to stop fully, you can certainly catch it earlier than later if you’re diligent. Here’s how you can stay on top of simple payroll fraud.

1. Set Up a Complex of Checks and Balances:-

Even in a small business, the same person who puts a new hire into the complex shouldn’t be the same office worker who reconciles quarterly reports and balances the payroll books. At the very minimum, get a second set of eyes on quarterly and/or yearly payroll reconciliations. You could also have managerial support for all overtime and task checks. This may stop a hired man from adding some extra hours or sales and here, thinking it won’t be detected.

We advise you to execute a complex to check the books on a quarterly and yearly basis to search for errors that may tip off the occurrence of payroll padding or ghost-hired man. Integrate your bookkeepers and payroll personnel into your financial information and set it to “view only.” This allows the approach to information needed to do their end of the job but requires managers to support payroll and ensure there are no signs of fraud.

 2. Switch to a Modern Time-sheet Complex:- 

Using a sophisticated time-sheet complex. Rather than having hired man self-report hours, consider having a clock-in complex that requires a pass-code or other two-step authentication. This will stop misreporting. Ensure that the complex relies on a bio-metric or two-step authentication process in command to stop buddy punching. 

3. Do a Local Audit Of Payroll Taxes:- 

Doing a normal analysis of the payroll taxes being paid. This can thwart any unexpected fraud on the part of your business. If an office worker is unexpectedly classified as exempt or an independent contractor, routine analysis of payroll taxes may allow you to catch the mistake before too much damage is done.

 4. Install CCTV Complex:-

Having a CCTV complex in zones where a workplace injury is likely to take place. Being able to rely on video proof in the case of an injury report secures you and the office worker. Have hired man work on certain plans in pairs, as well as anything that assumes a ladder so you can avoid false reports of worker’s comp.

5. Regulate Office Worker Behavior:-

Pay notice to office worker behavior. Payroll is not a bureau that frequently requires working late or taking files home. If you have an office worker who works with sensitive payroll information who frequently prefers to work when no one is around, keep your spidery senses activated. The petition they stick to office hours or do a random audit to make sure everything is on the up and up. We also advise you to promote direct deposit within your business when easily. This will reduce the amount of physical checks present that could be prospectively stolen or altered.

Payroll fraud doesn’t get talked about a lot, but it can be really expensive. It’s especially harmful to startups and small businesses. While you may never be able to develop a fraud-proof complex, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try.

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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
How Do I Acquire A UAE Tax Residency Certificate?
  • Taxation
  • 2022-03-24

The UAE has rearranged itself in an extremely low period from the country once finished dependent on oil profit, to one with various caring attracting funding from all whole around the world. the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi in especially, have now looked right on as the core of worldwide finance embracing the newest technology innovations, as well as expanding into attractive visitor destinations with world-renowned landmarks and  5-star hotels. Among lots many motives which enchant businesses to the UAE is its beneficial tax environment, the vast adulthood of agencies that base themselves in the UAE in the are exempted from income tax, in a calculation, it has confirmed double taxation confirmed with quite a few trade colleague to secure that taxes are charged twice in other two countries on the same person-taxpayer.In recent times, the UAE has 123 double taxations in accordance in force or undecided, this supports the free flow of trade and investment from other countries, as well as securing member countries from double taxation on the trade of goods, capital, and services. In command to benefits from the double taxation avoidance accordance that the UAE has in place, agencies or companies must be in ownership of a tax domicile certificate (TDC), also known as a tax residency certificate (TRC)

Is There Something About The Tax Residency Certificate?

A tax residency certificate is a file issued by the UAE Government of finance (MoF) to an agency operating in the nation to inaugurate and grant it to benefit from the double taxation avoidance agreements. the tax residency document is open to any agency operating on the keep up or in a foreign trade zone that has been in action in the nation for at least a year, offshore agencies are disqualified from this and must receive a tax freedom certificate instead of the tax residency certificate. as well as a business organization, the tax residency certificate is also in attendance to an individual who has resided in the UAE for a minimum of 180 Days and who wish to begin whose native countries do not have a double taxation accord, with the UAE, the individuals must have an official UAE resident visa for more than 180 days to register.

How To Get A Residency Certificate In UAE?

The Must Need Documents Or Papers To Obtain A Tax Residency Certificate Are Well Defined For An Individual Match Up To A Corporate Entity, To Take Action In Both Cases Are Detailed Below:

There Some Documents Are Required-


For a normal person-

  • Emirates copy.
  • Travel document (passport).
  • Proof of income. 
  • A statement about bank. 
  • Living resident proof.
  • Report about residency.

For A Legal Person-

  • Business license copy
  • Permit signatory's passport 
  • Permit signatory emirates identify copy 
  • Audited financial declaration 
  • Genuine bank data
  • Certified tenancy subcontract
  • Memorandum of union or relevant papers

What is the pending for acquiring the tax residency certificate?

1. Make an account payable to the ministry of finance (MoF) entrance.

2. Finished the application document form.

3. Attach the needed papers in PDF or JPEG format.

4. Your application and attached papers will be confirmed if they meet and criteria. You'll get an email for accepting and asking to pay the incomplete fees via the system.

5. After complete payment, you'll get the certificate via a local courier.

How Much Time Does It Take To Obtain The UAE Tax Residency Certificate?

Subject to all relevant papers being in place, the pre-approval is going pending with the ministry of finance (MoF) generally takes 4-5 working days, following pre-approval and verification that all documents are correct the mof then take up to a further 5 active days to issue the tax residency certificate. the tax residency certificate/tax domicile certificate has a limited period of one year, and can then be remade each year, subject to reapply and renewal process.

What Is The Satisfaction In Acquiring A UAE Tax Residency Certificate?

Founders in the UAE satisfaction from authorized international markets when setting up a business in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the added satisfaction of being a tax resident in UAE and acquiring the UAE tax residency certificate is to avoid double taxation and receive tax incentives by being a citizen in the UAE.

We hope that now you will get your tax residency certificate easily. If you want to get a free consultation regarding tax residential certification then Risians Accounting Expert welcomes you and is always ready to assist you Contact us now

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Author Image Mr. Wasim Firoz
Choosing FTA-Approved TAX Agents in the UAE: Everything You Need to Know
  • Taxation
  • 2022-03-09

Hiring a tax agent withinside the UAE is a high requirement for taxable entities to fulfill their tax-associated responsibilities. The Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 on Tax Procedures defines tax sellers withinside the UAE as any man or woman appointed on behalf of taxable entities to symbolize them earlier than the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).  Tax sellers, as in keeping with the tax tactics law, should be registered with the FTA and help the taxable humans to satisfy their tax responsibilities and workout their tax rights.  The position of tax sellers is rather vital for taxable companies and they should be diligent even when hiring tax sellers in Dubai, UAE.

You should recognize the position and obligations of a tax agent earlier than appointing one. Also, you should have the ability to differentiate among tax advisors and FTA-accredited tax sellers in Dubai, UAE to make certain tax compliance. Appointing the proper tax agent is vital to well meet your tax responsibilities and shop yourself from incurring any sort of tax-associated penalties. This article will assist you to pick out a tax agent who can help you with all sorts of tax responsibilities. Read in advance to recognize further:

FTA-Registered Tax Agents in Dubai, UAE

You must now no longer be scammed with the aid of using any man or woman posing as a tax agent in Dubai. Businesses must pick out best the one's humans who're registered as tax sellers with the FTA. The FTA has hooked up a sign-up for tax sellers with a committed document for every tax agent. The document includes the records associated with the expert behavior of every tax agent. Article thirteen of the Tax Procedures Law states that best the ones humans indexed withinside the Register and authorized with the aid of using the Ministry of Economy are accredited to exercise as a tax agent withinside the UAE.

Qualities & Qualifications of Best Tax Agents withinside the UAE

Before appointing a tax agent, you have to recognize the easy functions and qualifications the person is wanted to keep. Article 10 of Cabinet Decision No. (36) of 2017 at the Executive Regulation of Federal Law No. (7) of 2017 states that a tax agent needs to personal the following functions and qualifications to be listed withinside the FTA Register:

  1. Tax sellers withinside the UAE need to be of genuine conduct & behavior, have not to be convicted of any crime
  2. Must keep at least a licensed Bachelor or Master's degree in tax, accounting, or law from a stated educational institution (a bachelor’s degree plus a tax certification issued with the resource of the usage of an across the world seemed tax institute is also accepted)
  3. At least three years enjoy as a tax professional / an authorized legal professional or an accountant
  4. Written and oral conversation competencies in every Arabic and English
  5. Must have exceeded any test to satisfy the qualification necessities mandated with the resource of the usage of the FTA
  6. Medically in shape to perform the obligations as a tax agent withinside the UAE
  7. Must have professional indemnity insurance or be protected with the resource of the usage of one

Tax Agency Requirement

Usually, taxable males and females interact with tax sellers through tax companies in Dubai, UAE with which the agent is associated with providing tax-related services. A tax commercial enterprise organization is defined as a crook entity licensed to carry out as a tax commercial enterprise organization withinside the UAE and it needs to be registered with the FTA.  An FTA-registered tax commercial enterprise organization can carry out withinside the UAE supplied it has at least one registered tax agent associated with it.

Role & Responsibilities of UAE Tax Agents

Tax sellers within the UAE are answerable for supporting their customers in assembly their tax-associated obligations and supporting them satisfy all of the tax-associated necessities stipulated within the VAT law.  A tax agent can offer you with right recommendation and interpretation of the UAE VAT Law and the assistance you've got had been given were given a test the tax procedures.  Some pinnacle obligations of tax sellers within the UAE are shown below:

  1. Helping the corporations to carry out VAT registration within the UAE
  2. Prepare and positioned up VAT returns to the FTA on behalf of the corporations
  3. Maintain tax-associated statistics and/or statistics
  4. Enquiring approximately tax-associated subjects with the FTA
  5. Submitting requests for reconsideration of options issued with the useful beneficial useful resource of the usage of the FTA
  6. Help the corporations put together for a tax audit
  7. Assist the economic agency company to use for VAT Deregistration within the UAE
  8. Appeal to the FTA in case the purchaser incurs tax-associated penalties

Why Hire Tax Agents in Dubai, UAE?

Hire the best FTA-Approved Tax Agent. As a taxable entity doing agency company within the UAE, you could need to make sure that your verbal exchange with the FTA is right and effective.  A tax agent within the UAE is the jailed individual who can communicate properly away with the FTA on your behalf. Since they'll be registered with and regular with the useful beneficial useful resource of the usage of the FTA, tax sellers have the authority to symbolize you earlier than the Authority.  Tax sellers within the UAE can constitute you earlier than the FTA each time the Authority makes any inquiries otherwise you need to elevate any problem to the Authority.   Since a tax agent is well-versed in tax prison guidelines and the Arabic language, the FTA can without trouble recognize rapid remedy your tax-associated troubles.


Let’s connect and discuss how outsourcing can help you save on costs and scale your business.



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