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VAT service in dubai

It is obligation of every businessman to abide with the local financial laws. Typically, it is taken into consideration that any new implementation requires retesting on timely basis to monitor its impact and success. Similarly, it makes it very challenging for organizations to ensure whether they have been correctly following up with the provisions of the VAT and Excise regulations. Keeping all this into consideration, we conduct a thorough examination to identify loopholes, reason of occurrence with its ramification and necessary financial measures to be undertaken to avoid its reoccurrence.

VAT Consultancy Services

The businesses in the United Arab Emirates or UAE who are required to comply with VAT rules set by the UAE government can turn to VAT or Value Added Tax consultancy services in Dubai for expert assistance and help. The United Arab Emirates implemented a VAT in an effort to broaden the country's tax base and lessen its reliance on oil profits.

VAT consultant services in Dubai provide in depth support to businesses, guiding them through the complex VAT system and guaranteeing they meet all applicable regulations. Companies who don't have the inhouse knowledge or resources to properly handle VAT concerns can benefit greatly from these services. To ensure precise compliance, reduce risks, and maximize VAT-related procedures, picking a reliable VAT consultant provider in Dubai like Risians Accounting is essential. Choose a firm that has worked with businesses in a variety of industries and has extensive understanding with UAE VAT laws.

VAT Audit Service

The Value added tax or VAT audit services in Dubai are offered by certified public accountants to verify that a company is following the rules set forth by the government of the United Arab Emirates or UAE. The United Arab Emirates or UAE imposed value added tax VAT as part of its strategy to diversify its economy away from oil revenue.

With our VAT audit services in Dubai are geared toward ensuring that firms are compliant with VAT regulations and keeping proper records. Professionals, such VAT consultants or specialized auditing firms, with extensive familiarity with UAE VAT legislation and regulations often provide these services. If you have any suggestions or doubts than contact Risians Accounting for getting your VAT calculation done easily by our team of experienced accounting and finance team.

TAX Agent Services

When it comes to handling their tax duties and staying in accordance with the tax laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates or UAE government, businesses and individuals can rely on the expertise of a tax agent in Dubai, UAE.

With Risiansaccounting is best tax agents in dubai who are licensed experts with in depth knowledge of the UAE tax system who offer sound advice to help their clients fulfil their tax obligations in a timely and accurate manner.

It is important to hire a trustworthy and competent expert who has a deep familiarity with UAE tax regulations like Risiansaccounting having a history of providing effective tax solutions when in need of agent services in Dubai.

Excise TAX

In the UAE, certain goods and services are subject to an indirect tax known as excise tax or excise duty. The UAE government instituted the excise tax policy as a method to diversify revenue sources and encourage more healthy and environmentally friendly purchasing habits.

Products that are damaging to human health or the environment are the primary targets of the excise tax in the United Arab Emirates. Tobacco and tobacco products, soda, and energy drinks are all examples of such items. The tax is collected at a number of points throughout the supply chain, including manufacture, import, and retail sale.

The FTA of the United Arab Emirates is responsible for establishing and periodically reviewing the UAE's excise tax rates. The charges are intended to encourage consumers to make healthier choices and deter them from overusing these products. Excise tax money goes toward maintaining and expanding public infrastructure and programs. Risians Accounting can assist with excise tax filing in UAE easily.

Corporate Tax

The UAE's Ministry of Finance has announced the Corporate Tax threshold, as agreed by Cabinet. Businesses must pay a special corporate tax to the United Arab Emirates government. Taxes are payments made to the government out of a company's earnings. This tax revenue is used to support a variety of government programs.

Corporate Tax, which will go into effect now, has been announced by the Ministry of Finance. Businesses with an annual revenue of less than AED 375,000 are exempt from paying taxes to the UAE government. If your firm has taxable income of more than AED 375,000 the tax rate is 9%.

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My experience in working with this team is very much a positive one. Their professionalism is refreshing. Thank you for making the process a very pleasant experience.

Ms. Arshameh Parmoun Tag Properties

We have been working with RISIANS Chartered Accountants on a couple of assignments. At all times they are professional, organized with whatever assignments we have entrusted with them. Being a approved audit firm they are well aware with the regulations and compliances. I will recommend the team highly enough and shall certainly be engaging with them again and again in future assignments.

Moin Abbas Al Ajwad Auto Works

I would overall rate team RISIANS work as exceptional. The team was successful in delivering quality audit, irrespective of the tight deadline and it was way better than the predecessor. We can definitely build more knowledge for future.


RISIANS proactiveness and precision towards managing our accounts and helping us constantly whenever we are in need of is a dynamic quality that makes us want to recommend to any company or an individual. Looking for a great accountants without any hesitation.

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