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2022 Accounting Checklist For Startups in Dubai, UAE

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  • Accounting
  • 2022-06-21
  • Mr. Wasim Firoz

2022 Accounting Checklist For Startups in Dubai, UAE

Starting a new business is not a cakewalk, rather it requires a lot of effort and a focused path to reach the level every business owner wants to.

Firstly you will have to make a perfect strategy which includes - loans, investments, and funds. You have to maintain the process and flow to start with your business activity. This can be stressful but not impossible. Though you can go for - 

    • Product marketing 
    • Analysing 
    • Management 
    • Customer bond 

Generating lead 

After this all, you should also be keen to maintain the process wisely keeping pace with financial requirements. Being ' skilled' and ' financially strong' are crucial ingredients for every business. 

Avoiding these points make blunders and spoil your flow of business directly. 

You can also consult business professionals or advisors for help. Before entering the home of misunderstandings try to explore your viewers and refer to the following tips. 

Register your business 

The first step toward starting something new. Registration plays a crucial role in every company, without which no one will get to know who you are or what makes you available in the market? 

It is the legal structure of the business that should be followed by everyone.

Think of everything in starting - 

Expenses in setting up a business

Partnership with other companies 


Try to resolve any serious disputes before commenting forward.

 Business bank account 

 This step is crucial since combining corporate and personal transactions in the same bank account can result in:

disorganised bookkeeping records, lost company deductions, cash flow problems, and greater year-end accounting charges

Business credit card 

Even if you don't qualify for a business credit card right away, you should utilise a separate personal credit card for all of your product and service business costs for the reasons stated above.

Hiring an efficient Accounting Frim 

Every business organisation is alone without a reliable tax advisor, who helps you to suggest the best whenever you feel nothing feels profitable for you. 

Tax advisors are well aware of the pros and cons of any policies you are going to adopt. They can also prevent you from facing big losses. 

Set up a proper, scalable accounting system 

 It is critical to have a bookkeeping procedure in place from the beginning when starting a new firm.

To keep your records up to date and stay on top of your business's financial health, we strongly recommend adopting cloud-based accounting software (such as QuickBooks Online or Xero).

Pro Tip: If you're new to bookkeeping or unsure how to maintain your books, outsourcing your bookkeeping is a good option.

When things get too complicated, time-consuming, or expensive, online bookkeeping solutions make it simple to outsource your accounting to a business 

Tracking your expenses can be a good option 

Out-of-pocket expenses are payments made with your own money for business purposes. These are the payments:

get recorded as either business expenses or capital expenditures in your accounting system, resulting in a business deduction and an IOU (from your firm to you) known as a shareholder loan. Dealing with out-of-pocket payments can be difficult, so make sure your bookkeeping system is set up correctly from the beginning!

Tracking your expenses can be a good option.

If you're hiring employees for your new firm, you'll be responsible for making sure they're paid correctly and on time, while also adhering to employment standards and laws. Payroll legislation, on the other hand, can be complicated, and any mistakes might result in fines and penalties.

A third party can be helpful 

You will be responsible for ensuring that your employees are paid appropriately and on time, by employment standards and legislation, if you are hiring employees for your new business. Payroll legislation, on the other hand, can be complicated, and any mistakes might result in fines and penalties.

As a result, rather than trying to manage payroll yourself, you should consider outsourcing it to a third-party payroll processing business like Enkel.

Apply for business licences

Which governmental licences and permits you require will ultimately be determined by your region, industry, and business type. Here's where you can learn more about company licences and permits.

A Few Words on Record-Keeping

Financial reports, accounting, and bookkeeping records must be kept for six years from the end of the last tax year they relate to, according to the CRA. These documents include the following:

invoices and receipts, ledgers and notebooks for bookkeeping, bank and financial statements, and various tax returns

Business insurance 

Insurance is the most crucial decision to take in the unpredictable world. The most common insurance coverages for businesses can be - 

  • Liability 
  • Property 
  • Disability reasons 
  • Finances 
  • Business interpretation 
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