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Cash Flow Management Tips To Grow Your Business

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  • Accounting
  • 2021-07-18
  • Mr. Wasim Firoz

Cash Flow Management Tips To Grow Your Business

With the help of the mentioned cash flow tips, you will get to learn how to grow your business and how to manage your cash flow and increase your cash flow. 

If you are trying to run a business without effective cash flow management, it is like you are trying to ride a bicycle fast without proper paddles. You can get success for some but a poor Cash flow management system is a sign that you will have be shutting down your business soon. According to the bank study, Business often fails due to a poor cash flow management system. 

There is an old adage “Cash is king”.  For Small and mid-sized businesses cash is a major component for success. Generated profit is meaningless without having cash.

To establish a good cash flow management system in the business, hire accounting services in Dubai. In this world, lots of businesses have ended up due to bankruptcy, because the cash amount is not sufficient in comparison to going out of cash. To avoid this let us take a look at, what is cash flow management and why it is important.


What exactly is cash flow management?

Cash flow management is most important for business and critical for new startups.

Cash flow refers to how much cash is coming and going out of your business in a defined particular period of time.  

Business gets a loan, investments, and then it generates sales. It means that cash flow is coming into the business. A business means paying loan EMI, paying the payment, utility bills, taxes, and other payments. It means cash is going out from your business. All the transaction from which cash is coming into business then these types of transactions is incoming cash flow transaction and all transaction from which cash is going out from the business. These transactions are outgoing cash transactions. 

Happily, You can analyze how your each cash flow with a simple trick, you just have to set a fix time in weak, 10 days or 15 days to see how cash flow is going. By doing this you run your healthy growing business and increase your profit margin. 

Three elements to analyze your cash flow statement.

  1. Account Payable - How much have to pay and receive from the supplier.
  2. Accounts receivable - How much you have to pay and receive from customers and clients.
  3. Shortfalls - How much you have to pay and receive in comparison to liabilities.

Bad debts are very bad for business, and never calculate bad debts amounts in cash in hand.

Best Tips for Managing Cash Flow Statements.

  1. Focus On the Cash Flow - Reconcile your business accounts and generate the report to keep eye on the incoming and outgoing money. You can generate your cash flow reports easily with accounting software and tools. A cash flow report allows you to keep your eye over money flow and you can effectively manage your cash flow to keep business on the track of success.
  2. Maintain Some Cash In Reserve - The future is uncertain; we can only predict the future but not define anything surely.Business is run by money. A best practice to a run business is to maintain a fixed amount of money for future use. As per studies, Startups face a shortfall of money compared to well-established business due to various reasons. Business owners should maintain a fixed amount that will be enough to run a business for at least six months.

  3. Get Paid - Send an invoice after delivering the products or finishing the work so that you get paid fast.Before sending an invoice make sure the invoice is clear, easy to read, and has a method of payment that you accept. You can use an email automation system to send invoices to customers with this you get paid fast because you can add the links where to submit payment. It saves time, effort, and money.

  4. Payment Methods -  In this digital world where everything is online. You can use many online methods of payments like net banking, Google pay, Paypal, etc to get paid faster. If you deliver your product at home and home then it is necessary to use phone payment methods apps.

  5. Take the advantage of the Technology - Use the cloud base storage spreadsheets or add your cash flow spreadsheet on the cloud so that you can manage your business cash flow from anywhere and anytime. Give your best practice to manage and always give priority.

  6. Sell Out Your unused Assets - Sell your no longer needed assets and inventory to generate quick cash. If surely holding the unused assets and inventory why you don’t sell them.

  7. Minimize the Expenses - Create a detailed report on your expenses and try to minimize your possible expense. Negotiate with the landlord and creditor to get some discount or reduction in the amount.

  8. Cash Flow Monitor - Assign the monitoring work over cash flow to a trusted employee. The person should have information about the finance special about your business.

To get free consultation feel free to contact us, It would be our pleasure to assist you and lead your business towards success.

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