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How to Liquidate Companies Under Dubai Development Authority?

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  • 2023-03-10
  • Mr. Waseem

How to Liquidate Companies Under Dubai Development Authority?

Understanding the liquidation and winding up process in Dubai is a process that should be understood properly. 

Have you decided to liquidate and close a company under Dubai Development Authority or DDA. The process of liquidation and winding up of the company requires careful planning and attention to detail. In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in liquidating a company under DDA from understanding what it entails to meeting various legal requirements.


Winding Up Vs Liquidation

There are basically two types of financial status basically winding up and liquation. 


1.Winding Up:- This is the process of settling all financial obligations, including employee salaries, taxes, and other liabilities. During this phase, all assets are sold off or turned into cash, and creditors are paid in order according to their priority of claims.


2. Liquidation:- The final stage of the winding up process, where all remaining assets are distributed amongst shareholders according to their ownership percentage in the company.


It’s also important to note that companies under DDA may be required to give notice of their intention to wind up or liquidate their businesses. The notice must be published in a newspaper as well as submitted to relevant government bodies like DDA for approval.


What are the Requirements for Liquidating Companies Under the Developers?


The requirements for liquidation are as follows for the companies:-

1. Liquidating companies in Dubai requires a few important steps. According to the Dubai Development Authority, companies that are subject to liquidation must comply with the following:


2. Companies must provide a copy of their Memorandum and Articles of Association, duly certified as true copies in accordance with the applicable laws of Dubai;


3. Companies must also provide a list of all creditors and debtors, along with any required court orders or rulings on financial settlements;


4. Finally, companies are required to submit an application to the DDA for approval for liquidation, detailing the company’s current financial situation and any proposed resolutions/settlements.


It is also important to note that companies must register with the Dubai Developer’s Institute prior to submitting their application for liquidation. This registration will ensure that all necessary legal and administrative procedures have been followed in order to obtain approval from the DDA. Once all paperwork has been properly submitted and approved by the DDA, companies can begin the process of liquidating their assets.


What to expect during  Liquidation Process?

If you’re looking to liquidate a company in Dubai, you’ll need to know what to expect during the process. Here’s an overview of the general steps required for liquidation with Dubai Development Authority (DDA).


1. Start the Liquidation Process

To initiate the liquidation process, you must file a notification of your intention to liquidate with DDA. This is done by submitting a filled out form at the local commercial registration office and paying any applicable fees. You will also be required to provide all necessary documents related to your business, such as its certificate of incorporation, memoranda and articles of association, and auditor’s report.


2. Submit Draft Report

Once you’ve submitted your documents, DDA will take a few months to review them. You will then be asked to submit a draft report that outlines the basis for your decision to cease operations as well as an itemized list of assets and liabilities. This report should be prepared by an expert accountant or lawyer and must include any relevant clauses from the commercial law that are applicable in your situation.


3. Publish Notice In Newspaper

Once you have submitted your draft report, DDA will then publish a notice in two local newspapers announcing that the company is being liquidated. This step is necessary before DDA can proceed with approving any settlement agreements related to creditors or shareholders. The published notice should include details such as the name of the company, who it is being liquidated by, and information about when claims can be made against it.


4. Distribute Assets According To Settlement Agreements

After all claims have been Duties of a Liquidator for Companies Under Dubai Development Authority

If you’re looking to liquidate a company under the Dubai Development Authority, there are certain duties that must be fulfilled by the liquidator. Here are some of the key duties of a liquidator:-


- Collecting all assets of the company and distributing them to shareholders.


- Investigating any potential unlawful activities that have taken place during the course of running the company, and taking appropriate action when needed.


- Keeping accurate records of all proceedings related to the liquidation process, such as documentations of financial transactions, payment receipts and bank statements.


- Working with creditors to resolve any outstanding debt owed by the company.


- Facilitating negotiations between shareholders or creditors and obtaining their consent when necessary.


 - Ensuring taxes are paid on any assets distributed during liquidation proceedings and filing returns with Dubai Development Authority accordingly


- Regularly reporting progress to Dubai Development Authority during the liquidation process and submitting final accounts for review when completed


Final Steps for Companies Under DDA


The liquidation of companies under the DDA is a multi-step process that requires some major paperwork. Here’s what you need to do to complete the liquidation process:


- File Dissolution Request

First, file a dissolution request with the DDA. This document needs to include detailed information about the company, such as its name, address, registered agent's name and contact info, and its Articles of Association.


- Submit Final Tax Return

Next, submit your last tax return for your company for the period covering up to the dissolution date. This includes any applicable charges and fees that must be paid in order for the request to be approved.


- Submit External Auditors Report

You will also need to submit an external auditors report from a qualified audit firm that states that all taxes have been paid before submitting a final liquidation declaration. This is necessary in order to receive approval from both local authorities and creditors.


- File Liquidation Declaration

Finally, you must file a formal Liquidation Declaration form with local authorities in order for the business to be officially liquidated. This form should include details such as company name and registered address, board resolution approving dissolution and appointment of liquidator or liquidators, as well as other pertinent information about the business. Once this is done, then you can close up shop!


What are the tips for it?

Liquidating a company in Dubai can be a complex process. Here are some tips to make it as smooth as possible:


Complete all financial obligations. Before you proceed with the liquidation, you must make sure that all of your company's financial obligations have been taken care of, such as outstanding loans, taxes, and any other liabilities.


Meet with DDA representatives. Before proceeding with the liquidation process, you will need to meet with representatives from the Dubai Development Authority to discuss the details of your liquidation plan. The DDA will review your application and provide you with further instructions on how to proceed with the liquidation process.


Submit required documents. You will need to submit certain documents in order to complete the liquidation process under DDA regulations. These documents include but are not limited to: a business plan outlining the reasons for liquidation; bank statements and other financial records; customer contracts; and copies of any relevant legal agreements related to your company's activities in Dubai.


Disburse assets properly. All assets of your company must be disbursed following the rules and regulations set out by DDA in order for a successful business liquidation under their jurisdiction. This includes transferring any funds left in accounts, distributing property owned by the company among shareholders, and ensuring that all creditors are paid off before any remaining funds are distributed among shareholders and owners of the company according to applicable law-suit .


By following these tips, you can ensure that you complete a successful business liquidation under DDA regulations without any complications or delays. If still everything is tough for you than Risians accounting  is one of the finest auditing firms in dubai for your rescue!


Conclusion:- You will understand the DDA regulations for liquidation easily and auditing forms like Risians accounting can assist you with it. 


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