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Roles And Responsibilities Of Tax Agent

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  • 2022-09-21

Roles And Responsibilities Of Tax Agent

Every business consists of a team in which every personality is unique and known for their skills and abilities. 

Same as with content writers, marketers and etc. Just like HR is a valuable aspect of any business, tax agents are also required to be considered. 

The best method to ensure that you understand the tax regulations of the country in which you live and work is to hire a reputable and knowledgeable tax professional. One of the best tax advisers in Dubai and the UAE, providing tax services to businesses around the UAE. The company aids businesses in managing all tax-related responsibilities, such as tax payments and the accompanying legal issues. Our highly experienced tax specialists provide the best services possible to clients while supporting their businesses in complying with global tax standards.

Tax experts help businesses and individuals understand and navigate a country's taxation structure. Tax preparation, tax analysis, tax return filing, and tax payment are all part of the UAE's tax counselling services.

Certain European Union Member States have made the appointment of a tax agent mandatory for enterprises that are not based in the EU. This requires appointing a manager to oversee the formalities for the business accountable for VAT (VAT).

This implies that the accredited agent appointed by the foreign corporation fulfils the tax and VAT reporting requirements of the non-EU resident taxable person.

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Why are tax consultants crucial? 

A Better approach that makes a firm or individual informed of the country's current tax rules is to choose a tax consultant. Tax experts assist with the creation of tax accounting. They enhance the value of your company by:

  • weighing the benefits and drawbacks of your business structure
  • assisting you in choosing the appropriate VAT schemes, either voluntary or mandatory
  • Utilising effective tactics, increasing profitability and reducing expenses
  • minimising your tax liability and staying current with tax laws
  • Getting the right bookkeeping training can save you money and time.
  • establishing metrics-based performance evaluations to identify market trends. 

Before carrying out any operations within the referred territory, a tax agent must be appointed. A business that was founded outside of the EU is required to send a power of attorney that has been properly signed to its tax office.

As a result, the company's legal representative must make a written request for a representation mandate and send it to the tax authorities. The following details must be provided by the tax office:

  • The company's name and address were provided.
  • The tax agent's name and address The non-EU resident company's appointment of the agent
  • The agent's agreement to the appointment The agent's promise to carry out its duties
  • the day the rule went into force.

Taxation is mandatory in the UAE for all enterprises since the money collected goes toward the development of the country. Tax accounting ensures that companies and individuals file their tax returns by the law. A single accounting procedure blunder could cost the organisation a lot of money. As a result, individuals and corporations should exercise extreme caution while setting up a tax account.

  • Everyone is responsible for making regular tax payments.
  • To avoid legal ramifications, one should become acquainted with the tax rules and regulations that relate to the company.
  • To avoid paying late fees and penalties, register for your taxes on time.
  • Create tax documentation and keep track of it at all times 

Why appoint a tax agent 

To recoup tax debts and conduct operations in said EU territory for which said enterprises must pay VAT, numerous Member States of the EU have made it a legal need for non-EU resident companies that are incorporated in nations without mutual assistance clause to appoint a tax agent.

This is not only required by law, but it also provides non-EU member enterprises with a quick and affordable option to physically establish themselves.

Choosing a tax agent indeed allows non-EU-based businesses the opportunity to enter the European market without setting up a subsidiary. 


Major Tax Responsibilities 

An organization operating in taxable operations that are not based in the EU is represented by the tax agent. They make sure that their clients adhere to the law and that the business's accounting and tax procedures are honored.

Therefore, the tax advisor explicitly owes the following to their client:

  • Filing for VAT with the appropriate local tax authorities
  • Managing requests for VAT refunds
  • Checking completed operations and documents
  • VAT payment
  • Coordinating with the neighbourhood tax authorities
  • Assisting with any tax audits that may occur.
  • Comprehensive help is provided to customers by tax advisors. They support them with any issues about VAT.

More benefits related to tax consultants

  • Tax advisers for your organisation provide planning and vital information.
  • They investigate every aspect of the organisation while working with tax returns.
  • Tax advisors save time when it comes to completing tax returns.
  • They can give you up-to-date information on any changes to the tax policy.
  • Tax advisers can aid you in filing your income tax returns and audited financial statements.
  • They can conduct audits and help you renew your business licences and permits.
  • They can offer better guidance on how to calculate tax payments properly.
  • They may advise you on how to handle your taxes effectively and find ways to pay less in taxes.
  • They develop plans to steer clear of further fines and interest on your tax returns in the future.
  • When you need to provide documents for compliance with accounting and regulatory reporting obligations, they can give you peace of mind.

Tax agents do engage in examining commercial activity The agent will monitor your business activities to make sure you are abiding by the local laws that are in effect.

examining the bills' compliance. To reduce the risk of adjustment and prevent any issues during the recovery of VAT, the tax agent verifies the conformance of the invoices issued and received before submitting a refund request.

regulatory vigilance. The tax agent monitors regulations and routinely updates their client on tax reforms and adjustments.

support for any audits. In the event of a tax audit, the tax agent stands by their client and does their utmost to protect their interests.



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