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UAE Excise Tax: New Clarification for Registration of Warehouse Keeper

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  • Taxation
  • 2023-03-25
  • Waseem

UAE Excise Tax: New Clarification for Registration of Warehouse Keeper

New public clarification EXTP010 has been issued by the Federal Tax Authority or FTA of the UAE regarding the registration of warehouse keepers and the registration and renewal of designated zones for excise tax purposes. Beginning on April 1, 2023, the new wording will be in force. Each designated zone in the United Arab Emirates must have a designated warehouse keeper who is responsible for overseeing the zone's operations and ensuring that the zone abides by all conditions and security requirements, per UAE tax regulations. The FTA requires the warehouse owner to register with them in order to monitor the facility.


Who Is a Warehouse Keeper?

If you run or plan to run an Excise Tax-designated zone, you are considered a warehouse keeper, per the Public Clarification. Any individual who supervises or will supervise a designated zone must register as a warehouse keeper with the FTA. Learn more about your duties as a warehouse keeper from Dubai's FTA-approved tax agents.


How to Register as Warehouse Keeper?

No one may legally keep warehouses without first registering with the FTA. An application outlining the applicant's background and intended business activities is necessary for FTA warehouse keeper registration. One must submit an application for each designated zone that the prospective warehouse keeper will be responsible for or already is responsible for in order to become registered as a warehouse keeper. The applicant is expected to pay a fee to register each specified zone for a period of 12 months. To apply for an excise tax licence in Dubai, you need seek the advice of a professional expert.


What are the conditions for register zone for Excise Tax?

Several criteria have been established by the FTA for a warehouse owner to be able to register a designated zone in the UAE. Some of the most important requirements are as follows:


- The warehouse manager is responsible for identifying which excise items are already or will soon be housed in the specified area.


- When filling out the form, the individual must reveal the total amount of excise items currently or potentially being kept in the defined area.


- To store or keep storing excise items in the authorised zone, the applicant must furnish a financial guarantee.


- To qualify as a warehouse keeper, an applicant must present evidence that appropriate physical security measures were taken with regard to the designated area.


- The entity must produce evidence that it keeps an inventory and records management system that monitors the flow of items into, out of, and between designated areas.


How to Renewal of the Designated Zone’s Registration?


It is possible to register a specific area of a warehouse for a period of one year. This means that every 12 months, the warehouse owner must submit an application to have the designated zone renewed. The EmaraTax application form is available to the warehouse keeper, who must then submit it no later than 20 business days before the specified zone's registration period expires. If a renewal application isn't submitted within the allotted time, the specified zone will be put on hold for 20 business days. Accountants in the United Arab Emirates can provide you with useful advice on tax matters.


How to find tax firm in dubai?

The FTA's updated guidance provides essential details on how to become a warehouse keeper and how to keep designated zones registered for the purposes of the Excise Tax. Tax agents in UAE can provide the expert guidance necessary for companies dealing with Excise Tax goods to remain in compliance. Because of their extensive history in the field, Risians Accounting has been a top choice among UAE businesses in need of Excise Tax services.


Conclusion:- Your knowledge of warehouse Excise Tax will greatly increase after reading this post. Get in touch with Risiansaccounting, an approachable accounting firm in Dubai, if you need assistance with your taxes.


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