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What are the benefits and importance of auditing?

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  • Auditing
  • 2021-02-23
  • Mr. Wasim Firoz

What are the benefits and importance of auditing?

Auditing becomes an essential part of the life of businesses or organizations. Entire businesses and organizations of the world conduct the auditing. Some businesses and owners only conduct the auditing when they require potential investors, industry regulations, other stakeholders require one. Well, Auditing of the Business is very important to detect and prevent fraud, Mistakes, illegal activity. In simple words, Auditing means to review the business activity, compliance, control over the business, etc, and give the suggestion to make business or organization work effectively and efficiently.

Many business owners think that auditing of the business is wasting time, money, and resources because they don’t know the importance of auditing and benefits after the auditing. Well, business auditing is very beneficial for the business. Here is the importance of the business:-

  1. Enhancement In controlling -  A qualified auditor audits the work of the business organization to check how it’s doing and if there any loophole, errors, risk area, fraud, etc. what if auditors found any mistakes, frauds they mention in the auditing report along with the suggestion. Based on the audit report, business management takes action to prevent frauds, mistakes, risks and make new decisions to make work more effective and efficient to achieve the business goal.

  2. Transparent Financial Report  -  It is especially important for those that are looking for an investment to expand and merge with another company. Auditing identifies the unknown area of risk and errors.
    Bank’s, stakeholders,s and other financial institutes ask the financial statement of the business. If your business financial statement is audited by a qualified and independent auditor so it increases the 90% chance to get investment quickly. Because an audited financial statement is more reliable in comparison to an unaudited financial statement. 

  3. Planning -  Auditors check the accuracy of each transaction by analyzing the financial statement. It's a detailed process and presents the clear value of the assets, income, expenditure, and liabilities.  It can be used by the owners to make future decisions for financial planning, budgeting, and financial decisions.

  4. Rules And Regulation - While auditing if the auditor found that the work in the organization is not done as per set government rules and regulation or need to applied new government rules and regulation. Then the auditor suggests the rules and regulations to apply in business for better results and legal action against the business by the government.

  5. Insurance - When a business does a claim from the insurance company, the Insurance company audits the business to determine the value of the damage and then pays the amount.

  6. Detection of frauds - It's a major reason for business auditing. The auditor compares the accuracy of each financial transaction with the financial book. By doing this auditor check the all transaction has been recorded as per accounting principle and the main thing is that they can detect the fraud in the organization. It’s the obligation of the auditors to provide the suggestion and recommendation action in order to prevent fraud.

  7. Helpful In Future Planning - Every business owner wants to grow their business year after year.  To do effective planning and make decisions, Accurate value of the business finance is required. The auditing provides the full insight of the business finance that is very helpful for business owners in future planning and decisions.

  8. Proper Evaluation  Of Investment - Business invests money in various sources. Auditing provides the proper valuation regarding all investments of the business. Auditing provides the exact value of the profit and loss from the investment and most important current & future risk from the investment.

  9. Valuation of the Assets - In audit ensure the value of the assets after the assets verification. The auditors verify the current value of the assets is recorded in the balance sheet or not.

  10. Profit and Loss -  Financial audit gives a summary of all work that is very helpful to determine the exact reason for the profit and loss. It’s essential for a business owner to enhance the business strength and generate more profit.

There are plenty of benefits that the company can avail by the auditing. We hope the above mentioned point will clear the importance of auditing. If you have any query and doubt feel free to contact us to get a business auditing consultant from the best top auditors players in Dubai.

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