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What are the Benefits of Corporate Tax in UAE?

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  • Taxation
  • 2023-02-20
  • Mr. Waseem

What are the Benefits of Corporate Tax in UAE?


The tax rule in UAE was before different and it was considered as tax haven now. However, corporate tax is now getting implemented from 1st June 2023.

What is the corporate tax for UAE?

Corporate tax refers to a tax on a company's profits. Corporate tax encourages openness in corporate dealings and helps the government find new revenue streams. The government's power to collect revenue and hold corporations accountable is greatly aided by corporate tax. Taxes on corporations are sometimes known as business taxes, company taxes, or corporate income taxes. The government can use the funds it collects to invest in infrastructure and expand the economy, which is one of the key goals of this sort of taxation. Corporate tax rates might vary significantly from one country to the next. If your taxable income is less than or equal to AED 375,000, the CT rate in the UAE will be 0%, and it will increase to 9% if it is more than AED 375,000.


Corporations are taxed fairly under the principle of corporate taxation. When all corporations pay their fair share of taxes, the company tax system is fair and equitable. The equitable distribution of tax revenue is ensured by the corporate tax system. It's a levy placed on the earnings of businesses. Corporate taxes are used as a primary source of government funding in some nations, while in others they are used to support a wider range of public programmes. It's a win-win for national economy and political stability.



The Corporate Tax Really Aids Things Don't Lose Control of the Economy. Taxes on corporations play an important role in regulating the economy. The economy can be stimulated or slowed, improved, and deficits reduced using this tool. It's crucial to a nation's economy and ranks among its top revenue generators. The tax rate paid by corporations is proportional to their annual revenue. Any gains made after an entity reaches the taxable threshold are subject to tax at the applicable CT rate. Don’t  panic regarding corporate tax get the free corporate tax consultation.

What is corporate tax vs personal tax?

The corporation tax and personal tax have different features:-

- Corporate Taxes have advantages over the Personal Taxes:- There are benefits to corporate taxation that aren't available to individuals and families. Corporate tax rates, for instance, tend to be more consistent over economic cycles than individual income tax rates. As a result of the fact that corporation taxation is applied to a single company rather than numerous people or families, its administration is simpler. Since it does not necessitate self-reporting by every single person involved in deciding how much money should be paid out each year, it is frequently seen as less intrusive on firms compared to personal taxes. To be clear, the UAE does not impose any sort of personal or income tax on its citizens at this time.


- Corporate Tax Helps in Social Security:- Revenue collected from corporations goes toward funding social security and lowering the national debt. All citizens, regardless of their location, should be guaranteed a minimum level of social security. Protection from poverty in old age, disability, unemployment, job loss, and death is made possible through Social Security. Increasing corporate tax rates might also aid a government in paying down its debt. This is essential because high levels of public debt have a devastating impact on the value of a country's currency and interest rates, which in turn hurts local businesses.


- Corporate Tax Helps to Fund for Public Services:- With state and local governments rely on corporate tax revenue to pay essential public services like healthcare, education, transportation, and more. Economic growth and public contentment both depend on these types of services. As a result of the money brought in by CT, governments are better able to offer their citizens specialised training in areas like AI, blockchain, digitalization, etc., which helps pave the path for a knowledge-based economy. Expertise-rich nations attract substantial FDI, which in turn generates a wide variety of new business and employment prospects.


- Economy Growth:- Corporate tax is one method nations employ to shield domestic businesses from competition from abroad. Foreign corporations operating in a country may be subject to a higher rate of corporate tax than their domestic counterparts. Corporate income tax revenues are often used to aid local enterprises. Business investment and expansion are encouraged by CT, which aids economic development.

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Q1 Who are Free Zone Persons as per Corporate Tax Regime rule?

Ans Companies and branches located in UAE free zones are referred to as "Free Zone Persons" in the UAE Corporate Tax Public Consultation Document.


Q2 Will free zone companies be taxed under UAE Corporate Tax?

Ans The United Arab Emirates has a corporate tax system that will apply to individuals. This means that they must comply with all corporate tax requirements in the UAE, including the filing of tax returns. You can get more information from corporate tax advisors in Dubai.


Q3 Will Free Zone Persons lose benefit of tax benefits?

Ans When it comes to company taxes, Free Zone Persons will continue to receive the same treatment as before in the United Arab Emirates. However, in order to keep receiving these advantages, they must continue to have sufficient substance and to follow all applicable regulations.


Q4 Can a Free Zone Person enjoy 0% corporate tax rate?

Ans A Free Zone Person is exempt from paying corporate income tax on profits made from doing business with companies outside the UAE or with companies based in the same or another Free Zone. Earnings from providing certain types of regulated financial services to international markets are exempt from corporate taxation.


Q5 What will be the tax rate for Free Zone Person with a mainland branch?

Ans Income earned by a Free Zone Person with a branch on the UAE mainland is subject to standard corporate tax. However, so long as its mainland and free zone books of account are kept separately, it can continue to take advantage of the zero percent corporate tax rate on its free zone income. In the absence of segregated records, 9% would apply to all revenue generated within free zones and on the mainland.


Q6 What is tax rate for Free Zone Persons trading with the mainland without branch?

Ans Businesses in the Free Zone may do business with those in the UAE proper, even if their offices aren't located within the Free Zone. So long as the Free Zone Person's only UAE mainland income is 'passive' income, it can keep its 0% corporate tax rate. Royalties, dividends, and capital gains from owning shares in UAE mainland enterprises are all examples of passive income.


Q7 How will transactions with group companies taxed?

Ans Free Zone Persons and their UAE mainland group companies can conduct business with each other without incurring any UAE corporate tax. However, payments made by a mainland group firm to a Free Zone Person are not considered tax deductible.


Q8 Can Free Zone Person be disqualified from 0% tax rate?

Ans If a Free Zone Person receives any revenue from the mainland, including interest, dividends, or rent, it will no longer qualify for the 0% corporation tax regime. If you want to know if your mainland income would prevent you from qualifying for a 0% company tax rate, you should speak with corporate tax advisors in Dubai.


Q9 Can Free Zone Person elect the regular tax rate by 9%?

Ans A Free Zone Person can choose to switch to the lower 9% corporation tax rate that applies under the UAE's regular corporate tax framework at any time. A final and binding election will be made, though.


Q10 Will holding tax apply to a Free Zone Person’s income?

Ans When it comes to mainland-sourced income, a Free Zone Person who enjoys the 0% CT regime will be subject to withholding tax, but only at the 0% rate.


Q11 Should Free Zone Person submit audited financial statements?

Ans To take advantage of the 0% corporation tax regime, a Free Zone Person must have audited financial accounts. Financial statement audit assistance is available from Dubai-based corporate tax advisors. 

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